Corporate Learnings – When I attended a meeting (with an agenda)

OR The Misadventures of a Dreamer 


I had a meeting today; It claimed to have an agenda;

The stakeholders were there with the notes and addenda

“We need a solution to a pressing problem”, they all agreed;

Yet, the personnel, systems and nothing else can be freed

“This is a big problem – The solution is a pressing need”;

Alternatives or the lack thereof was proposed; Possible proposals were disposed;

“Our systems are not capable” IT moaned; “Too expensive” finance complained;

“Our processes are too smooth to be disturbed” Operations claimed;

“But our business is affected and this needs to be resolved,” was what Sales said;

“Let’s hope we follow the rules to the book” Legal prayed;

And on and on it went, an infinite loop – games and blames;

” You look lost. Are you writing the minutes?”, a voice came,

That’s when I spoke that nagging thought in my head,

“So what’s the solution to this pressing problem?”

They looked at it each other, each side too haughty to be humble,

“The solution is …”, someone started; “None yet”, finance grumbled;

And on it went for another hour or two, till the wise prevailed;

“Let’s break up, meet next week and find the solution we seek”

The meeting with the agenda had definitely failed.



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