The Gold Project – Part I

“Congratulations! You have been certified for the Gold Project!”

I had then felt I was part of something special. I din’t win a gold medal or anything. It was just a verbal acknowledgement back then.

The rickety bus ride jolted me back to the present.The bus slowly  made its way to the middle of nowhere. The Company seemed all too familiar, with the usual routine – something not to look forward to or look back upon. I trudged into the locker room, and  as I changed into my lab coat in the locker room, I was aware of a shadow hulking behind me. I turned, and stared into the muzzle of a gun. I heard the gun shot, and fell on the floor. It was the fall which hurt.

It was also the fall which woke me up. I had rolled over and fallen flat on the floor.  It has been three years since I left that project. As I thought back , it was also unlikely that anyone can smuggle a gun inside The Company. I got up and poured myself a glass of water. The stillness of the night was disturbed by the sound of Darth Vader’s Imperial March. Being a loyal Star Wars’ fan, it has stayed as my ringtone ever since I found it.

“Allo! “, the all too familiar voice of Javier Marquez sounded at the other end. ” I need a favor”, he said rolling the “o” the typical Spanish way.

What are the odds, just after the dream.

” Robby is no longer with us, I need you to come in and do formacion. We don’t have anyone else certified for the Gold Project, and your our best.”

The request was from my former boss,and I owed the old man. Despite his finnicky obsession with perfection, he was fair.Robby , my protege had died last month from a freak accident, and since I was the only other one qualified, they needed me to train another.

“Can’t you train someone else?”, I asked.

There was a pause at the other end.

“Your the only one whose certified for the project… and alive.” He said. “All the others are dead.”