When you want to fly high and touch the sky..

The ordinary think happiness lies in being extra-ordinary

The “Extra” ordinary cherish those moments ordinary

Whilst cloaked within the shadows of anonymity

And such is life in a cycle of quandary

What shall I say, “Oh what a travesty !”


The view from above

I went to B school, and like in any B school which prepares you for corporate life, we had a lot of group projects, case studies and presentations. This poem was conjured during one such presentation and, erm.. my team was presenting. 

Bored and listless a Face, Not keeping up with the case.

Passionate & Energetic the speaker went on

All the while the tutor’s eyes leered on

A flash of light within my sight,

Selfies and photos being taken on the right

Some reading across(in secret) to be kind

Phones on table, fingers sliding across,

Some heads were bent not listening at all

Another’s vacant expression, a distant dream,

Off to La La land, and others gaggling in teams,

One Engaging a lady, then engaging another,

And a fiery debate ravaging on for two others

I Caught a smile across, flow of thought disrupted

Smiling back, the look and understanding

Before I went back to my musings

(Picture Source : Internet – For representation purposes only)

Existential Crisis 101

Written from the dingy confines of an inconspicuous cubicle within the corporate office of a sprawling business park from the finance capital of India

Standing figures discussing over the computer screen;

A phone stuck on another guy’s ear;

The deal seems off but he is keen;

With the desktop switched on, eyes on the mobile screen

For quite a few – Whatsapp, Facebook or lovelorn;

I care two hoots – nope, not even if its porn;

My head turns and looks on at the lone empty seat quite forlorn;

The one who heads the division has been away since morn;

Corporate ladder – go to hell; Newton’s law of inertia will prevail;

Engineering, MBA, a corporate job, however fancy – its just a veil;

I look back at the non-existential work and wonder, ” What a farce !!”

Ode to Boredom

Boredom, why do you continuously haunt thee?
Why do you make your presence only to me?
My patience has reached the end of my tether
And it ain’t made me any wiser.
Papers after papers i sit and surf
With only gloom & angst to turf..
Luck , have i grown so ugly
That you cant show thy face to me.?
Where art thee?
I am keenly awaiting your presence to aid me
Take me out of this dilemma.
Before it becomes a tragic drama.